Residential Renovations

Professional Renovations & Plumbing

Looking to make some updates to your kitchen or bathroom? Then you’ll need professional plumbers to help you through the process. From redirecting the piping to installing your new fixtures, plumbing must be done by a competent, licensed professional.

Stephens Plumbing can take on the plumbing side of any remodeling project. Replacing your sink makes it easier to rinse dishes and wash your hands, and switching out your shower allows you to bathe in luxury.

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Do I Need To Replace Piping?

It’s possible you may need to replace some or even all of the piping in your home during a kitchen or bathroom remodeling. The answer to this question usually depends on the age of your pipes and the material used to make them. For newer gas appliances, you may even need to convert gas line pipes as well. Our expert plumbers at Stephens can assess the integrity of your piping accurately and inform you about necessary replacements.

Do I Need to Worry About Permits or Ordering Any of the Materials?

Nope, you won’t need to worry about any of that! Normally you may be required to secure a permit if you would be moving or adding plumbing or piping, but not with us. We at Stephens Plumbers make the home remodeling process completely stress-free and streamlined for your convenience. Once you start working with us, we guarantee to take care of everything—ordering, permits, purchasing, installation, making sure the project meets inspection, as well as everything else.

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