Commercial Services

Commercial Services

If you are in need of reliable commercial plumbing services in the Birmingham area, call us today for an immediate solution.

We will offer trustworthy commercial plumbing solutions. Stephens can help you determine if you have a slab leak, repipe your business, and also help you figure out the best way to keep your drains clean. We understand the importance of every aspect of your business running smoothly, which includes your plumbing. You can trust our efficient services.

What Is Repiping?

A repipe is the replacement of the pipes in your building. If you have old pipes that are rusted or leaking, you might need this service. If you see brown colored water running out of your faucet, or that your water pressure has suddenly dropped, it might be time to have your building repiped. You will have better water pressure, cleaner water, and more after we have repiped your building. Call us and we can come to your location to see if this is the right service for you.

How Do I Clean My Drains?

Hydro jetting is a way that your drains can be cleaned. We will make sure that debris is not caught in your pipes which will keep the water flowing freely. A plumbing snake is another way to clean your drains quickly and easily. You may need to have a drain inside of your home or your main drain line snaked, depending on your piping situation. We are here to take care of all of your potential drain problems.

Stephens has the right tools, equipment, and experience to take care of your plumbing needs. If you need commercial plumbing assistance, be sure to contact us today for fast results.

How To Diagnose a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is one that is located underneath your concrete. There are multiple ways to tell that you have a slab leak. Cracks on your floors, your floors feeling hot to the touch or having a lot of moisture in certain areas, may be potential signs of a problem. If your water is turned off and you can hear water running, that is another sign of a possible slab leak. You should also be considering a potential slab leak if you notice a sudden drop in water pressure or if you see that your water bill has gone up. We can find your leak quickly using our professional tools and equipment. Once we find the leak we can take care of it.

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