Water Leak Detection & Repair

Water Leaks

If you are in need of water leak detection services in your Birmingham property call us today to talk to one of Stephens’ friendly customer service experts.

Fresh and clean water running through your house’s plumbing is a treat that people have grown used to, but those complex pipes can malfunction sometimes. We specialize in water leak detection at Stephens. Each structure has a maze of pipes running within the ceiling, walls and even under its concrete slab.

How to Detect a Water Leak

Water leaks aren’t always apparent. An easy indicator of a bad pipe or seal is water dripping from below a kitchen sink, but there are other savvy ways to discern a leak’s location. The water bill is usually the first clue. Your water bill should stay around the same price every billing period unless you have more people visiting the home compared to a previous month. A large jump in price usually shows you that a leak is present.
Use your observational skills. Our professionals check for bulging walls or ceilings, as well as for cracks in the foundation. We sometimes need to use our specialized plumbing cameras to view the inside of your walls if a leak is truly hidden. With technology on our side, we can help to find your mysterious leak.

What Are the Different Types of Leaks?

There are several different types of leaks. A common leak that occurs is along plumbing seals where individual pipes come together during installation. These seals tend to leak over time. Using our expert repair strategies, during a service call these leaks are simple to fix.

Another leak can be caused by the contraction and expansion of the plumbing. Freezing weather can actually crack pipes that are exposed to the outdoors. We can replace these pipe sections and insulate them to protect them from extreme cold and heat.

A serious leak could occur under your slab, which is where the main line resides. The main line moving water in and out of your property could crack from wear and age if your home is a few decades old. Stephens would devise a repair plan for the damage by surveying the damage.

Can I Put off Fixing a Small Water Leak?

It is critical to contact us for an estimate even though a small water leak seems easy to ignore. As water leaks continuously, it creates larger cracks, similar to rivers that form canyons in nature. Leaks lying beneath the home are especially dangerous if ignored.

Leaking water slowly saturates the soil, even in small amounts. The home’s foundation may experience even more damage from heaving from unstable soil. The structure’s integrity could be compromised if the damage is bad enough. It’s a good idea to call us with your leak issues, even if small. We can prepare a cost-effective plan to avoid paying a large bill in the future.

Contact Stephens now, we proudly serve the Birmingham, AL surrounding area. We’ll be glad to come estimate a project for you, taking all plumbing concerns seriously to ensure a functional and safe household.

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