How to Buy the Correct Water Heater

How To Buy The Correct Water Heater

Unless you’re a plumber or water heating engineer, buying a new water heater doesn’t come around too often, meaning it can be challenging to know where to start and what the most important traits are. We’ve broken down what to know when buying a water heater, meaning you don’t face the troubles many people do.

Sizing The Water Heater Based On Demand

Firstly, if you’re replacing an old water heater, it’s likely you’ll be putting the new one in its place. While you may have found what you think is the perfect water heater for you – if the dimensions aren’t correct, you’ve failed at the first hurdle. Often, water heaters come in standard sizes, but there are options if you have an awkward-sized space.

 Additionally, the more people who are reliant on the water heater, the greater the size and capacity it needs to be. Be sure to check the first-hour rating and gallons per minute rating to assess how quickly water can be heated and if that meets your demand.

How Many People, Bathrooms, & Kitchens

It may sound obvious to factor in how many people are reliant on the water heater, but you shouldn’t forget how many rooms are too. A property with more kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and sinks is likely to use and use much more hot water and need it readily available. 

Size Of The House

The size of the house doesn’t directly impact the size of the water heater you should purchase.

Rather, it’s correlated with the demand for the heater and how many people will be using it.

However, usually the larger the house, the more kitchens, bathrooms, and people there are to use the system. Therefore, it’s always better to prepare ahead.

There may only be two of you in the house now, but if it is a four-bedroom property and you decide to sell it, you need an appropriate water heater to attract buyers because they don’t come cheap.

Showers vs. Tubs

Should you have a tub and shower reliant on the main heater, you need to factor in the capacity of the tank.

Filling a bathtub full of hot water will be difficult with the hot faucet completely open and will take a long time if your tank isn’t able to produce hot water fast enough.

However, a shower doesn’t have that problem.

Reputable Brands

Knowing how to buy a water heater, what you’re looking for, and the best brands should be at the top of the list before making a purchase. This can be a costly investment, so should you need assistance or require an expert for installation, get in touch with us today.

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