The Pros & Cons of Chemical Drain Cleaning vs. Mechanical Drain Cleaning

What to do with a clogged or stubborn drain blockage?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to tackle a stubborn drain blockage? Ever stopped and taken a minute to ask what is the best way to clean drains?

Most people have two options, either (1) chemical drain cleaning or (2) mechanical drain cleaning.

Both come with different benefits and disadvantages, which we’ll discuss in this article. By the time you’ve finished reading, the next time your drains are clogged, you’ll know exactly what to do.

What Is Chemical Drain Cleaning?

Chemical drain cleaners are usually the go-to option for unblocking slow-moving or clogged sinks and bathtubs. Usually, it requires pouring chemicals down the drain, waiting for a short while for the solution to break down the blockage, and running warm water through.
Sounds easy – right? There are pros and cons to this simple method.

Pros of Chemical Drain Cleaning

It’s easy, rapid, and you don’t need specialist skills to do it. Anyone can go to the hardware store, buy drain-unclogging chemicals, follow the instructions, and remove the blockage in a
matter of minutes.

Furthermore, it’s a relatively inexpensive method. For as little as a few dollars, you can get the chemicals needed to unclog drains.

Most blockages are caused by grease, hair, and food, which chemicals should easily break down.

Cons of Chemical Drain Cleaning

Chemical drain cleaning liquids are lighter than water, meaning they cannot be used on toilets. They don’t fight against mineral buildup and can’t dislodge solid objects.

Often, chemical drain cleaners include harmful and hazardous ingredients that can cause damage to you, your pipes, and the environment.

What Is Mechanical Drain Cleaning?

Mechanical drain cleaning uses a set of specifically made tools to clean drains rather than
chemicals. More often than not, professionals will use mechanical cleaning methods for
stubborn blockages and the best results.

Pros of Mechanical Drain Cleaning

As no chemicals are used, mechanical drain cleaning does not damage the environment or the people administering the cleaning.

Mechanical cleaning removes clogs and cleans pipes without damaging them. Chemicals could damage pipes with regular use.

Unlike chemical cleaning, mechanical works the first time and is a long-term solution. With chemicals, it’s often a temporary fix that will need repeating.

Cons of Mechanical Drain Cleaning

If you’re planning on doing mechanical drain cleaning yourself, you need specialist knowledge and tools – which can be costly.

Removing a blockage takes longer than using chemical drain cleaners.

Mechanical drain cleaning requires more manual labor and could get a little messy if performed incorrectly.

In Summary: The Best Way to Clean Drains

For the most effective, long-term results, mechanical drain cleaning is your best option. It protects your pipes and can remove all types of blockages. Sometimes, chemical drain cleaning would be suitable for a quick fix. However, it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional before attempting any work yourself.